Second Amendment March was founded in 2009 for the purpose of organizing a nationwide pro-Second Amendment Rally in Washington, D.C. The original event took place in 2010. Since that event we have focused on Michigan events, working in conjunction with Michigan's largest gun rights organizations.

This year we are supporting SONS OF LIBERTY PAC  presents
Michigan's Rally for Self Preservation

Join us Wednesday, July 19, 2023  12:00 p.m.  See speaker page for more info

If you are paying attention you know that the democratic left has control of the legislature and Governor’s office. Our right to keep and bear arms is under attack now more than ever. Many anti-gun Bills have been introduced and three have been signed into law. These new laws are a “Red flag” law, a "safe storage" law, and a universal background check on ALL gun sales even private sales. In addition, they are installing metal-detectors at the Capitol for the soon to come firearm ban they are planning.

This Legislature wantonly disregards their oath to the Constitution and has become freedom-hating RULERS who rule through emotion rather than logic. However, sitting at home and giving up does nothing but bolster their resolve. They will know you have given up and they can continue to ignore the Constitution and bully you into submission. Michigan needs you now more than ever. We need you to show up for a peaceful rally on Wednesday, July 19th. Second Amendment March has had up to 1,100 attendees in the past. Let's help this organizer far exceed that!

This rally is the "Bear Arms USA -- Rally for Self-Preservation" (organized by Sons of Liberty PAC). There will be up to 60 vendors/organizations at this event, including Second Amendment March. Be sure to stop by and see us!

Second Amendment March is not affiliated with the event or its organizers (beyond our sponsorship table), but we felt more good would be done by publicizing this event and trying to get more attendees there then by holding a second, potentially smaller event. Therefore, we will not be holding our annual Second Amendment March this year. Please -- take that vacation day July 19th and show up. You've been ignored, but it's hard to ignore thousands of people peacefully congregating at the Capitol Building. We'll see you there!