Guidelines and Laws

Firearms are allowed at the rally 

Guidelines and laws

Michigan has different laws for those with a concealed pistol permit (CPL) and those without one. This will serve as some suggestions and some explanations of the various laws in this regard.

If you have a CPL you can carry your handgun either concealed or openly in/at the capitol. You can also carry firearms inside of the legislators' offices in the capitol, the Romney building and the Farnum building.

If you do not have a CPL you can only open carry your handgun in these areas. You also need to transport your handgun as allowed by state law.  

Any person 18 years and older that can lawfully possess a firearm can openly carry a long gun or a handgun (Handgun must be registered to that person) in/on capitol grounds. Firearms are also allowed on public streets and sidewalks. 


 Bars and restaurants

Some people may want to have lunch or dinner in one of the many businesses in downtown Lansing. For those that don’t have a CPL, you CAN NOT possess a firearm in any place that has a liquor license unless you have permission from the owner or agent of the business and then only if you open carry.

A great overview of these laws is the Michigan State Police Legal Update #86 which can be found here.

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