Why on a Weekday

Every year people ask why we schedule the Second Amendment March for a weekday. Below are a few reasons.

1) The legislature is in session. We feel this in an advantage. It allows people to talk with their reps. The representatives can see and hear us. People can attend congressional sessions. Many of them mingle with the crowd. We often have representatives speak at the event and it's easier for them to do that when they are in Lansing and not home in their districts.

2) The Capitol is closed on weekends. This means no restroom facilities. It also precludes anyone from touring the building. It's a beautiful building with lots of history.

3) Media is much more active during the week than on weekends and are more likely to show up and cover the event.

4) Lansing is a dead zone on weekends. Many businesses are closed on weekends and limits choices for restaurants and shopping.  One of the purposes of the march is for people to see us. During the week all the state employees and private businesses are open. Having it during the week expands our exposure to the public. 

We know not everyone can make a weekday.  But you can share the information with family and friends.  If you can, please donate the gas money you would have spent coming on a weekend.  We have a donate link on the home page.  We are a federal non-profit entity.